Christian films

I do not have a passion for movies or any T.V , I have many other things I like to do with my free time.But I do occasionally want to watch a movie and when I do Netflix is my first choice The beginning of this summer I remember strolling through different movies trying to find something to watch and thinking to myself ” why does every movie available have to have sex as the main focus point,its as if filmmakers think they can’t make a good movie without it” so I made it a goal to find some GOOD movies I liked make a list and share them with other fellow Christians who are probably dealing with this same problem. With lots of research,time,and judgment I’ve came up with a list of 12 movies all on Netflix that I liked so much I would watch them again if I had the time and chance to.

2-the book of Ruth

3-the book of Esther

4-apostle peter and the last supper

5-the book of David

6-the passion of Christ


8-Kirk Cameron’s unstoppable

9-beware of Christians (my fav)

10-Tim Tebow on a mission

11-letters to God

12- the bible


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