The Other Side of Fear.


Stop sleeping with liars.

hannah brencher.


First things first, stop sleeping with liars.

Stop crawling into bed at night, pulling the covers over your body, and letting liars hiss inside your ear: you’re unworthy. You’re not good enough. You’re falling short. You’re a burden. You’re alone.  

These liars take up room. They snicker and grow when you give them credit. They hold tight to your ankles. They make you feel like less: less of a lover. Less of a mover. Less of a shaker. Less of a person.  Please– for the love of lovelier things– do not fling away your life and feed it to the liars in your head that tell you you don’t add up.

You need to stop holding yourself back. The pity party must cease and you must de-invite the little liars to your darkest parts. You need to stop thinking you have never deserved good things for your life. 

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Chiseling Down the Wall – My Berlin Wall Memories

A fine day for an epiphany

The first time I saw the Berlin Wall was the summer between my sophomore and junior year in high school. We had just moved to West Berlin because my Dad, who had been laid off from Pan American World Airways for 14 years, had unexpectedly been recalled…and sent to Berlin.

I remember when we got the news that we’d be moving. We’d known the assignment was to come through that day, so I’d made Mom promise to leave a message for me at school telling me where we’d be moving to. To my surprise, in the middle of algebra class, my teacher handed me a note. It read simply, “Berlin”.

Suddenly the world opened up for me. Visions of bratwurst, dirndls and Cold War spy movies filled my mind.

Clearly, I had no idea what I was getting in to.

By the time we’d moved into our apartment in the…

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Breathing With Leaves (Memories From School Street)

Oh so sweet!

Fly Softly My Love

Dear Welly,

Today we signed the papers to sell our beautiful old house; the one we bought with you in mind and the one we brought you home to. We’ll be moving soon and I wonder what you and your sister will remember from our time here. In our last weeks here, I want to tell you some stories so that you can look back on them someday.

The trees in front of this house are big and beautiful and every year in October, the leaves carpet the lawn and porch. Today as we shuffled through the piles that you proudly raked yourself, I was remembering the first time we raked these leaves together. You were eight weeks old and I had you wrapped up onto my body on the sunniest of fall days. Your dad was going to be working late so I decided to surprise him by getting…

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: autumn or fall? :

My feelings towards winter exactly.

the whirly girl

Neither. I call this the pre-party to Hell freezing over: winter in Illinois.

In polite company, though, I generally use fall; I find it’s more descriptive. I mean, the temperatures fall, the leaves fall, the light falls, and my spirits, oy, they don’t fall so much as plummet. They rain down like space junk — aaaaaaaaaaahsplat.

Poets and lyricists, however, they prefer autumn. It sounds more romantic, more poetic than plain, old fall. But what, I ask, is romantic about a season defined as “a period of maturity verging on decline” by the American Heritage Dictionary (Fourth Edition)? That sounds more like a sell-by-date than something belonging in verse.

Autumn, I’m sure, would be more popular if it was followed by the delight that is spring. You know, if nature’s cycle went spring, summer, fall, and then right back to spring again. But where’s winter, you wonder? The Arctic Circle…

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Christian films

I do not have a passion for movies or any T.V , I have many other things I like to do with my free time.But I do occasionally want to watch a movie and when I do Netflix is my first choice The beginning of this summer I remember strolling through different movies trying to find something to watch and thinking to myself ” why does every movie available have to have sex as the main focus point,its as if filmmakers think they can’t make a good movie without it” so I made it a goal to find some GOOD movies I liked make a list and share them with other fellow Christians who are probably dealing with this same problem. With lots of research,time,and judgment I’ve came up with a list of 12 movies all on Netflix that I liked so much I would watch them again if I had the time and chance to.

2-the book of Ruth

3-the book of Esther

4-apostle peter and the last supper

5-the book of David

6-the passion of Christ


8-Kirk Cameron’s unstoppable

9-beware of Christians (my fav)

10-Tim Tebow on a mission

11-letters to God

12- the bible